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Our goal is simply to make the most excellent flutes.

Mateki flutes are made by Ryuichi Watanabe and five experienced craftsmen. In contrast to other manufacturers who switched to mass production, Mateki persistently sticks to traditional handmade craftsmanship.

8 Different Types.
Same Great Experience.

Each different style is indicated with a distinctive leaf design engraved on the head joint tube.

‌ $999 USD
$1299 USD
$3999 USD

Mateki History

1978 Mateki Flute Company was founded by Mr. Shigeru Watanabe. 

1985 Started to make original alloy called "G10"(silver includes 10% gold) 

1988 Started to make original alloy of Ag 943 silver flute and seamed tubing flute. Started to make "Half offset" key system. 

1993 Started to make "Half in line" key system. 

1994 Started to make "Left hand pinless” key system. 

1997 Shigeru Watanabe died at the age of 51. His wife Eiko and son Ryuichi succeeded the company. Started to make Ag990 silver flute. 

1998 Started to make Ag997 silver flute. 

2002 Started to make "B type" headjoint. 

2010 Started to make "G type" headjoint. 

2012 Changed company name as "Flute Atelier Mateki Co." 

2013 Started to make "New Ag 997" silver flute. 

2015 Started to make "Ag 900 seamed" silver flute.

Mateki Flute Player

Want to try Mateki Flute

Brand new high quality Mateki flutes from Japan are now available. We are the only authorized resellor of Mateki flutes in Hong Kong. Various models including Ag925, 943, 990, 997, and gold models with different options are offered. 

All the Mateki flutes are handmade. 

Feel free to contact us and arrange free flute trial sessions.

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This is awesome and beautiful flute.